The Mid-term pet-scan

PET scan.  Scared witless.  Good news, cancer was originally 25.6 and now is 6.1    HOO-F&^%$$#-RAY!  90 percent gone.   Feel like Dirty Harry.  Make my day.  Bye bye tumor.


I want to talk today about human kindness and the fact that it is alive and well in the world.  I have had friends and strangers take time out from there lives to talk to me about my illness and recovery, bring me food, wigs, scarves, offer to organize my closet, take care of my children, and just walk around the block with me.  Everywhere, I see people who want to be good, do good things, have good intentions, and make good on them.  Illness is a bugger, I am not happy to have it, but I am happy to have learned that to quote the movie, love is all around.

Stress During Treatment

Today, I found out that the stress of having lymphoma and all that comes with it has spiked my blood pressure levels to an alarming number.  Have always prided myself on being a fairly grounded person, it now it turns out I’ve got some crazy and it’s affecting my health in a new way.  EXCELLENT PROGRESS.  So, my lovely GP and friend has prescribed some new meds for me, one to help with “situational anxiety” and one to lower my blood pressure.  Both hopefully will only be needed for a short time.    I’ll try anything once.  Here’s to the pharmaceutical companies that are keeping me up and running!   If I could do one thing for healthcare, I would give the drug companies anything they need to continue their research programs, because I know, now more than ever, they are the hope for patients like me—


Today I went to a yoga class for cancer patients and survivors.  To quote a good friend who also went through chemo, “I’m not really a joiner” so I was nervous about what to expect, who would ask me what, etc.  I found out a few things: one, yoga is good at anytime, for me, and I should always make room for it in my life.   Two, there is a reason I’m not a joiner, as evidenced by a women in the class who would NOT stop telling me how I can manage my illness, my family, my work, and host a pot luck for other survivors.  And three, sometimes, it’s good to open yourself up to new experiences because today, in the same class, I learned to breathe a little better and met two new friends and cancer warriors, neither of whom asked me to make them dinner.  All an all, an hour well spent.