One lucky girl and one great mom.

October has been a pretty good month for me.  Knowing that the Chemotherapy (still EPOCH R protocol) is working has given me great peace of mind.  And so has my mother.

A few weeks ago, my mother dropped everything in her life, got on a plane and settled into our house for the duration of my treatment.  I was nervous about having my mom come to help me, I am a grown women and a mom too!  As it turns out, I am so grateful.  There is something about getting sick and having your mom around–or at least my mom– that makes things seem better.  I know this sounds funny coming from a 42-year-old, but if you had a mother like mine, you’d understand.  She has pitched in with vigor!  Driving the girls to school when I’m in chemo, sorting through all the daily tasks of our busy lives and generally just being an optimistic force around the house.  The best thing of all is that she has bonded so strongly with number one daughter that she is getting her to vocalize some of the stress she holds inside about this dark business.  They sleep in the same room and giggle way past her bedtime and sometimes talk about serious issues, like mommy having cancer.  The most difficult part of this whole thing has been me fearing for my little girls, and balancing the need to shelter them with the need to be honest about what is happening.  Thank you Mom for making this a little bit easier.