It’s been a while since I’ve blogged.  I’ve been enjoying my health and my life and am thrilled by the return of my energy!   With this in mind, and in honor of the fact there are several Fashion Weeks going on around the globe, I present my Fall 2012 what’s hot/not list:

In                                                                                 Out

Hair cuts                                                                     Wigs

Green smoothies                                                       Green skin

Weekend trips to NY/PHILLY/London               Weekend trips to the doctor

Two new schools for the girls                                 Two new doctors for Mommy

Running 15 miles a week                                         Running out of energy

Thinking about a new puppy                                  Feeling like a sick puppy

Cooking classes                                                          Chemo appointments

Kisses on the lips                                                       Purell

Web shopping for shoes                                           Web searching for treatments

Appreciating health                                                   Hoping for health


What a difference a year makes.  As we roll through the various anniversaries of my health crisis and recovery, I am grateful every day for my family, friends and the joys of my daily life.  I think I haven’t blogged lately as I am bored with the idea of being a recovering cancer victim and would like to join the “move on” movement!   But for the periodic scans required (which brings on periodic anxiety/trepidation) we, as a family, are feeling whole again.    So bring on the milestones, and with them the celebration of the little joys that healthy days bring.