A Season of Celebration

It’s January 8th, and most people are putting away their party hats, Christmas decorations, and New Year horns, but in my house, we are having a season of celebration.  Today is my 45th birthday and after the last few years I have come to the conclusion that EVERY Birthday is an honor deserving of celebration.  Today I get to be 45.  Lucky me.

 I know my posts have been few this year and I only seem to post when the news is good, but lately, I’ve been fortunate enough to have a lot of it.  What a difference a few years make.  So here’s the brief update.

 In December, the much feared two year scan came and went and the news was excellent.

The precise report was “no incidence of recurrence”, “clear scan”.  This puts me in the “statistical cure” category and roughly (with a 2% margin of error) back into the general population for risk of disease.   Never loved being AVERAGE so much in my life.

 Moving forward, I hope to keep the wisdom that cancer imparts on those of us lucky enough to survive it, primarily that of appreciation, of those you love and love you, for health, and for the gift of each day.     I will try to maintain this blog and post when I learn of potential new therapies or patient advocacy opportunities that I hear about through my day job.  And look for news on my second annual half marathon to benefit the LLS Society–because the last one didn’t kill me and if I run two half marathons doesn’t it count as running a WHOLE marathon?  🙂

 Happy New Year to all.