New Year’s Resolution

The universe has jump started my New Year’s resolution by temporarily blocking the use of my credit card.  While one of my goals was to spend less in 2012, I didn’t intend for someone to steal my credit card number, as Chase Bank reports has happened.  Husband is not entirely unhappy as he is confident that thief will spend less than wife.  Here’s to a healthy and thrifty New Year!

A Day of fun in New York

The husband and I drove my mother in law home to NYC and decided to make a night of it at the Crosby Street Hotel in Soho.  I cannot tell you the love I feel for this hotel, where I first stayed with my 7-year-old daughter last year for a mother/daughter weekend to visit a dear friend and fancy interior designer, Amy Lau (, and to see Mary Poppins, which was magical.  Crosby street has 91 rooms, each decorated differently and the first time we were there they let my wide-eyed daughter pick the color of our room (purple with yellow flowers, what else?).  If you ever are lucky enough to get the chance, STAY there.

We wandered the streets and soaked in the multicultural beautiful people of downtown New York and stopped to buy a few treats for the girls (Pearl River, Canal Street treasures), whom we missed, but from whom we were happy to have a night off (hope this doesn’t sound terrible, other parents understand this I think).  Slept 10 hours and ate breakfast and read the entire paper without a single interruption, spill, or jelly disaster.  Heaven.

Even when it’s over, there’s still more to do.

Spent the morning organizing all my various doctor appointments necessary to remove my chemotherapy port.  Need my GP and my Oncologist to sign off on it and then schedule with my surgeon.  Always more involved than you think with this stuff.  Anyway, pleased that things are progressing and I get to remove the slightly bulging device from my right shoulder soon as my two year old loves to poke at it.  Ouch.

Best Christmas Ever.

Christmas Eve at our house.  We are baking and making eggnog and writing notes to Santa and the reindeer and thanking God and family and all the other powers that be for the best Christmas present ever, my health, and today, a few more eyelashes!


I have EYELASHES!!!  Not noticeable to the naked eye yet but with my glasses on and a magnifying glass you can see them, TINY but in full force.  A little Christmas miracle!  This may seem shallow but I can’t wait to be able to wear mascara again.  What a wonder!  Thank you universe, for hair where I want it, and not yet where I don’t!

Ding Dong! The Cancer’s Dead!

On Thursday we learned that I am cancer free.  In remission.  Done with this horrible chapter.  No words can express my happiness. My gratitude to my family and friends for their support, and my total devotion to my husband, who dropped everything for the last 4 months to help me get through, recover, bring me crackers, get my medicine dosage right, drive me to chemotherapy, to the hospital, to the pharmacy, etc.  You get the idea.

Up until Thursday, we’d had a rocky few weeks.  My final PET scan had shown a hotspot and doctors we’re unsure the cancer was gone.  A subsequent CT scan showed a larger spot and a biopsy was ordered.  Prior to the biopsy three doctors had told us that they were optimistic that the spot was scar tissue from a healing spleen but the biopsy was necessary.  Expecting the news to come Friday the 16th, I was up and out running errands to keep busy during the waiting period.  Mailing my Christmas cards at the Post Office I got the call from my great oncologist who said “susan, it’s scar tissue”.  YAY!  I asked him if I could dance.  He said Yes.  A moment I will never forget.  I am very lucky and so grateful.

Friday night we hosted an impromptu tacos and cosmos party at my house for all the friends and family who fed us, brought us presents, sent us hopeful notes and basically kept us afloat during our time of need.  What a wonderful community we have been able to lean on and what an amazing night of celebration for me!

In the vein of it’s never really over, I may have to have radiation, but for now, we celebrate!