Ding Dong! The Cancer’s Dead!

On Thursday we learned that I am cancer free.  In remission.  Done with this horrible chapter.  No words can express my happiness. My gratitude to my family and friends for their support, and my total devotion to my husband, who dropped everything for the last 4 months to help me get through, recover, bring me crackers, get my medicine dosage right, drive me to chemotherapy, to the hospital, to the pharmacy, etc.  You get the idea.

Up until Thursday, we’d had a rocky few weeks.  My final PET scan had shown a hotspot and doctors we’re unsure the cancer was gone.  A subsequent CT scan showed a larger spot and a biopsy was ordered.  Prior to the biopsy three doctors had told us that they were optimistic that the spot was scar tissue from a healing spleen but the biopsy was necessary.  Expecting the news to come Friday the 16th, I was up and out running errands to keep busy during the waiting period.  Mailing my Christmas cards at the Post Office I got the call from my great oncologist who said “susan, it’s scar tissue”.  YAY!  I asked him if I could dance.  He said Yes.  A moment I will never forget.  I am very lucky and so grateful.

Friday night we hosted an impromptu tacos and cosmos party at my house for all the friends and family who fed us, brought us presents, sent us hopeful notes and basically kept us afloat during our time of need.  What a wonderful community we have been able to lean on and what an amazing night of celebration for me!

In the vein of it’s never really over, I may have to have radiation, but for now, we celebrate!

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